Monday, June 27, 2011

A(nother) New Beginning,

So my first post here..I reckon first post should be about self introduction ain't it?

Okay. I am just another boring Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student in one of (the top) universities in Korea (hihi ;P ) who is trying to call herself a photographer.

Why? Well you know, say if I flunk in engineering, I can say how my brain works more of the artsy side AND say if I don't take great photos, I can easily drop the game and say "hey I am a bloody engineer!" haha! (ok obviously I'm joking - for those who can't read my sense of humor -.-;;)

"Maybe you should start writing your blog religiously", one said. Oh well we'll see how religious I am towards my blog this time around.Cheers :D
IMG_0536 copy



  1. baru dan segar bugar, yg lama ilang sudah :D

  2. brader bear : haha itulah pasal kan
    FM : hope to stay fresh auumm :P

  3. eh..ko baru ade blog ke?bkn dulu da penah ade ke?(sori kalo aku slh..huhu)

  4. lol tu lah mistrius kan? hihihi