Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bad Good

You don't show how good you are
by telling people how bad somebody else is.
But you show how good you are
by proving yourself.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Day I Let You Go

After almost a month of non stop rain (almost) everyday.It finally stopped today. Oh well I hope it is not a (mother nature's) prank though.

For those who haven't read any news about Korea's flood,landslide (which caused death) maybe you should start googling about it now.

Anyway, these pieces here are some of the old ones.The top photo actually appeared here months ago hahaha.And if you haven't seen the first one, it is here :)

Have a great weekend peeps :D

put2 blog
IMG_1517 copy


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mute Land

Mute Land

when she was a child,
she fought for children's right,
to speak out their mind,
but oh she just realized,
she's from the land of mute,
even adults are.

She Knows
Am I That Invisible To You
My Biggest Mistake Was

Thursday, July 14, 2011

True Colors

Oh stop beating around the bush
We know your true colors

True Colors

Here are some old photos. Among the earliest I took when I first started. Gosh I miss those times. I miss shooting natural beauty. Literally.

IMG_0116 copy


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dark People

. . .

now there is a place on earth where everybody calls everybody stupid.

although the so-called stupids are violated and even dying, the people believe they do not deserve any mercy because they have called them 'stupid' at the very first place.

hello humanity :D

So Let Me In
Back To Black
I Will Search For You High Or Low
You Have No Idea What I've Gone Through

p/s : the girl at the very top photo is my sister.she just turned 14 today hooraayy xoxo.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let The Rain Fall Down II

Hello !

So it rained again today ( oh it still is) tadaaa told ya! Hmm got nothing much to tell, summer class is going on as usual everyday 9am-5pm. Two Biology lab reports per day. And tonnes of mind twisting new Korean vocabularies which I learn daily in my elective class 'History of Western Music' (sigh not easy).

Oh here's an update! I am currently on a post-food-poisoning diet which means I am not allowed to take too much protein and solid food (according to the doctor). I am depending on isotonic drinks and porridge (and some medication too). I was not feeling good the whole week, and the last time I updated the blog, my stomach was burning! I was in the hospital the whole day on Tuesday after a non-stop of diarrhea and vomiting (euuww).

Gosh do I really have to write all these? Anyway here are some more photos from the last impromptu shoot with my housemate Natasha :D

p/s : she was super shy during the shoot haha funny !

Let The Rain Fall Down ii




here's a behind-the-scene.



Monday, July 4, 2011

Let The Rain Fall Down

It has been raining heavily in Seoul for the past two weeks (oh except for today).I heard it will start raining again after a few days.Surprisingly, on the contrary, it is very hot and humid here that you can even sweat (literally sweating) even if you are walking with a short sleeve t-shirt during the rainy days (well of course not excluding an umbrella).

I thought I might just wait for the rain to stop to go out and have some fun, but it was taking me too long. So a camera, a housemate, and a small space in front of the door is good enough to pull the trigger hehe.

IMG_0212 small