Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let The Rain Fall Down II

Hello !

So it rained again today ( oh it still is) tadaaa told ya! Hmm got nothing much to tell, summer class is going on as usual everyday 9am-5pm. Two Biology lab reports per day. And tonnes of mind twisting new Korean vocabularies which I learn daily in my elective class 'History of Western Music' (sigh not easy).

Oh here's an update! I am currently on a post-food-poisoning diet which means I am not allowed to take too much protein and solid food (according to the doctor). I am depending on isotonic drinks and porridge (and some medication too). I was not feeling good the whole week, and the last time I updated the blog, my stomach was burning! I was in the hospital the whole day on Tuesday after a non-stop of diarrhea and vomiting (euuww).

Gosh do I really have to write all these? Anyway here are some more photos from the last impromptu shoot with my housemate Natasha :D

p/s : she was super shy during the shoot haha funny !

Let The Rain Fall Down ii




here's a behind-the-scene.




  1. Great set of photos Reen :) Great use of the rain too, most people would be hiding in doors :D