Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update (s)

Hello :) so here are a few updates :

  1. I am currently in Malaysia for my short summer break weehu!
  2. I am currently celebrating Ramadhan with my beloved ones here.Double Weeeehu weehu!
  3. I am currently in the lazy mood so all I do is eat+sleep hah!
  4. I will ( I hope) soon start shooting again.
  5. I miss my friends too hihihi
  6. I lost my Malaysian phone and number. Wait did I just say I lost it? Oh yeah, I did hmmm 

Happy fasting everybody :D

Alone, Again.
I Sit Besides My Lonely Fire . And Pray For Wisdom
Somehow, A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect



  1. hi ReenHusnal!
    omg i sooo love your picss.
    caaanteeekkk sgt! :D

  2. hi chika i soooooooooo love your blog yummy!
    makes me hungry all the time.
    happy ramadhan :) xo

  3. Berapa lama cuti kt sni?
    nnt bg la no fon awk..leh la contact2..hehehe..rindu

  4. hehehe cuti sekejap je linda .check inbox fb awak kite dah bg nombor hehe