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Dealicious Korea Review : NANDA Thai Massage

Today's post is a little bit different. I'm doing a review for a Thai massage service that I recently went during the Christmas Eve (24.Dec.2011 - in case you don't know when ngehehehe :p)

Dealicious Korea (DealKo) was selling Thai massage coupon at 55% discount. This offer was a real bargain! I once paid 30,000 Won only for a 30mins course (somewhere else of course hah). So I bought the Course A: Full Body Thai Massage (120mins course) for 90,000 Won (for 2 pax). I had my partner in crime, Bilqis to accompany me through this mission :P

NANDA Thai Massage is located near Yeoksam Station (line2 ) [역삼역 2호선]. Earlier that day, me and Bilqis went shopping at Gangnam Station (line 2)  [강남역 2호선], and Yeoksam Station is just next to it. We exit through Exit 1 [1번 출구] and walked about 4-5 mins looking for the place. It is on the 2nd floor of a building where you can see IBK Bank. However, according to DealKo we will be able to see a 타이마사지 signage but instead there was only 태국마사지 sign. (too bad for those who can't read Korean, because the signboard is only written in Korean ㅠㅠ).

As we reached there, we were given a locker to keep our belongings. Then we were ushered to a changing room and changed into cute pink shirts and shorts provided.

We first had our foot bath and then we were headed to the massage room. Both of the masseuses are native Thais, and they were really excited to know that we came from Malaysia (lol).

The massage started off from legs, to back, to shoulders, scalp, face (including cleansing and mask) and back to legs, and finally some stretching. It went on non-stop for 2 hours. It felt so good and very very refreshing to actually get such a quality massage.

Before I went to NANDA, I specifically had a terrible back and shoulder ache that sometimes it runs down through my spine making it hard for me to even walk. The masseuse 'detected' the problem with my shoulder and to my surprise she managed to fix it. It felt sooo good to finally have the pain vanished! Hooraaayyy!

After the 2 hours of non stop massage, we went back into the changing room. With tiger balm spread all over our back, and messy hair, it was impossible to get home in that condition, haha!

Worry not because in the changing room they even provide us with shower room- complete with shampoo, shower foam, (individually packed) toothbrush and toothpaste, hair dryer, hair spray, comb, facial lotion, and even towel. So we can leave the place fresh and happy.

Now I will let the photos do the rest of the review :D

nanda 1
Presenting BILQIS~~!! hahaha
nanda 6
The counter
nanda 5
The foot bath station
nanda 4
In front of the massage room
nanda 7
Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of what's inside the waiting room.
Basically, there is a TV, a refrigerator,computers with internet and errmmm oh I can't recall

nanda 8
Last pose from Bilqis~lol I hope with these, you'll be assigned as NANDA's model for real :P
nanda 3
A simple dinner (earlier) before the massage
nanda 2
Heading home weeee
for those who are interested in what Dealicous Korea can offer you, you may check their site :D

 p/s : hooray Herbie, finally I wrote this pheww. now may I have the second discount coupon for NANDA? :P


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